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Used Forklifts Linde

Linde-H 18 D / Kabine / 7818 Std.-Diesel

Linde H 18 D / Kabine / 7818 Std.

Diesel Forklift
Capacity1800 kg
Lift height4100 mm

Price: 13.800,00 €
Linde-E 20-PL / 7093 St. -Electric 4-wheel

Linde E 20-PL / 7093 St.

Electric 4-wheel forklift
Capacity2000 kg
Lift height4620 mm
Battery48 V

Price: 14.950,00 €
Linde-P 60 Z / 5033 Std. / Lack NEU-Tow

Linde P 60 Z / 5033 Std. / Lack NEU

Tow Tractor
Battery48 V

Price: 4.750,00 €
Linde-R 14 / 3384 Std. -Reach

Linde R 14 / 3384 Std.

Reach Truck
Capacity1400 kg
Lift height5360 mm
Battery48 V

Price: 8.950,00 €
Linde-R 20 / 2357 Std. -Reach

Linde R 20 / 2357 Std.

Reach Truck
Capacity2000 kg
Lift height5055 mm

Price: 8.950,00 €

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