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Welcome to the
FM Forklift Center Bremen!

Honest advice, professional service and fair prices for purchases and sales: FM Gabelstaplerzentrum Bremen GmbH offers what is important for your fleet of forklifts and industrial trucks. In the city triangle of Bremen - Oldenburg - Bremerhaven, we are valued for our honest word and our expertise in all aspects of diesel, gas and electric forklifts, storage equipment, attachments and other industrial trucks.

Forklift rent

Individual, manufacturer-independent rental of forklifts with a load capacity of 1 to 52 tons.

Forklift Purchase

Used branded forklifts with diesel, electric or LPG drive as well as storage technology and attachments.

Customer service and service

We take care of forklifts and industrial trucks of all brands - professionally, quickly and economically.

Forklift Equipment

You can get used attachments from us for all forklift brands and for numerous purposes.

Latest Used Forklifts

All devices can be delivered immediately!
Still-RX 20-16 / Batt. NEU-Electric 3-wheel

Still RX 20-16 / Batt. NEU

Electric 3-wheel forklift
Capacity1600 kg
Lift height6070 mm
Battery48 V
Battery625 Ah

Price: 13.950,00 €
Jungheinrich-TFG 550 / 5755 Std. -LPG

Jungheinrich TFG 550 / 5755 Std.

LPG Forklifts
Capacity5000 kg
Lift height3500 mm

Price: 15.950,00 €
Still-RX 60-25 / 8456 Std.-Electric 4-wheel

Still RX 60-25 / 8456 Std.

Electric 4-wheel forklift
Capacity2500 kg
Lift height4890 mm

Price: 16.950,00 €
Still-RX 70-20 / 1 Std.-Diesel

Still RX 70-20 / 1 Std.

Diesel Forklift
Capacity2000 kg
Lift height4465 mm

Price: 28.950,00 €

Arrives shortly

Linde-L 14 i / 6482 Std.-High Lift

Linde L 14 i / 6482 Std.

High Lift stacker
Capacity1400 kg
Lift height2900 mm
Battery24 V

Price: 2.990,00 €